Pilot Light

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When you use a gas furnace, water heater, or stove, the main burner is ignited by a pilot light, which is a little flame that burns continuously.

The appliance won't work properly if the pilot light goes out. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods you may use to fix a pilot light without seeking expert assistance.

Some of the best techniques are listed below:

  1. Check the gas supply: The first step in fixing a pilot light is to ensure that there is a steady gas supply to the appliance. Check the gas supply valve and make sure it’s fully open.

  2. Check the thermocouple: The thermocouple is a safety device that detects the presence of the pilot light and tells the gas valve to open. If the thermocouple is dirty, it may not be able to detect the flame and the pilot light will go out. Clean the thermocouple with a wire brush.

  3. Check the air supply: A lack of air supply can cause the pilot light to go out. Check the air supply and make sure the vents are not blocked.

  4. Clean the burner: A dirty burner can cause the pilot light to go out. Clean the burner with a wire brush and make sure the openings are not clogged.

  5. Relight the pilot light: If all the above methods have been checked, it’s time to relight the pilot light. Refer to the instructions in the owner’s manual for the specific steps on how to relight the pilot light.

By using these common methods, you can easily fix a pilot light without the need for professional help. However, if you are unsure about how to fix the problem or if the issues persist, it is best to call the office for assistance.

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